Saturday, October 9, 2010


Saturday, 10-9-10. Getting across the state of Louisiana is beginning to feel like a version of the movie Groundhog Day. But, instead of being stuck in one location, we seem to be stuck with repeatedly having to ride busy highways with crummy shoulders. Today the ferry we hoped would take us across the Mississippi River from St. Francisville, and on to some quiet backroads, is broken. Now the only way across the big river is to ride back over much of the noisy route we have already biked and take the old narrrow-lengthy-no shouldered Huey Long Bridge on Hwy190. Big trucks rule this bridge. We hang out drinking coffee and talking with a neat couple, Kathy and Warren, who are riding Harleys. We hope the ferry can get repaired by mid morning. A call to the ferry offered no hope that it would be operational today or even tomorrow. Without any prompting by us, B & B owner Laurie arranged for her dad to drive us over the bridge. We gladly accepted since we had already ridden this section yesterday. On 190 we pedal hard toward Opelousas, the Zydeco music capital of the world. Once again we are a little off route but an extra 8 miles tomorrow will square that. We pass sugar cane fields and cross several long narrow bridges, one being four miles long. Ann sets a fast pace and Norb stays eight feet behind with his flashing red light. We pedal hard and arrive after 54 miles, somewhat deaf from the traffic noise but happy to be in the heart of Cajun Country. We ate some good Cajun food tonight which cleared our sinuses and watered our eyes. (Those of you familiar with Cajun cuisine will recognize the boudin above right) Norb said if there was a Zydeco concert in the lobby of our motel, he would be too tired to go unless Jesus was playing the accordion.

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Kelly said...

Sounds like you guys are looking forward to some better roads and shoulders ahead. Not quite sure what a "bouldin ball" is, but plan on looking it up. Got some more money in last week and trying to get an update on the online site, so that we can get a current total. Will let you know as soon as I can.