Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Englishman John Moffit (we like Lorna too!)
Norb at Audubon Sanctuary-Dauphin Island

On Saturday, October 2, we had a true southern breakfast at Dauphin (pronounced Dolphin) Inn prepared by owners George and Carol. Eggs, bacon, sausage, bacon, grits, homemade jam. More than enough to get a couple of bikers well down the road. We were slow to leave as we so enjoyed the interesting conversation with these two B & B owners. Carol is quite the historian, and informed us that Dauphin Island was the first capital of the Louisiana Territory. She also stated that at one time, women from interior Indian tribes would travel to this island to plant seeds. Once the seedlings sprouted, the women would carry them back to their villages to plant. Early French explorers would follow the women making their explorations into the interior much easier. We crossed a 4 1/2 mile bridge spanning the Mississippi Sound as we left the island. Far below, we could see brown pelicans diving for fish, and in the distance were numerous platforms in the water drilling for gas. Until you actually see all the derricks, it is impossible to fathom how much drilling transpires in these waters. We biked into a headwind to Bayou la Batre, AL. The movie Forrest Gump was filmed in this small town. Evidently this Hollywood notoriety hasn't done much to attract tourists since the only motel in town was closed. Our options for lodging took us off route via Hwy 90 to Biloxi, MS. During our ride we met 2 nice couples who were on motorcycles, Don & Mary Malley and Bill & Karen Gilmore. We crossed paths about 3 times and then they pulled over to invite us to visit them in their hometown. We rode to the top of an enormous bridge that connected the town of Ocean Spring to Biloxi. Below we could see the high rise hotels and casinos as we descended with our computers registering 35 mph. Sugarland sings, "Down in Mississippi, Up to No Good" We rode 65 miles today and are excited to make it to Mississippi, state #3!


Kelly said...

Hey guys! Congratulations on state #3! I will keep an eye out for the crocheted hat the next couple of weeks! Keep riding!

Rhiannon said...

That's so exciting you made it to Mississippi! I've driven through the state several times to and from New Orleans and have always enjoyed it, but I'm sure it's even more interesting on a bike! I can't wait to hear what else you encounter!

Earl Holmer said...

Enjoying your blog. Reminds me of my own bike tour of Florida. I am also looking forward to the next few days as you will be passing through what was one of my favorite places to vacation, at least pre-Katrina--Pass Christian and Bay St. Louis. I await your report. Enjoy the seafood! Love, Earl

David said...

Glad to have met you two. Quite an Honor indeed. Hope I didn't scare you too much with the driving.

We had just played some tennis at City Park near the L.S.U. lakes. Check it out if you have the time. Should be a great day for a relaxing ride.

We're so glad to have assisted with your charitable deeds.

Keep up the Great Work !!

Your Cajun-Jeep-Taxi, (Louisiana 4x4)
David and Alice Young

Norb and Ann said...

David & Alice, Thanks so much for the lift from the restaurant to our hotel. We might still be out there waiting for the cab, if not for your kind assist. We hope to get more cajun exposure in Baton Rouge today.

Norb and Ann said...

Earl, After Biloxi/Gulf Shores, we turned north to Poplarville so we missed that area. A reason to return! We did love our trip across Florida and thanks for checking on us. Hope you & Ginny are enjoying the fall colors. P,G,L.

Norb and Ann said...

Kelly & Rhiannon, It would be great if you tripped upon John & Lorna. We have about $100 in donations from the road that we will be sending in shortly. Thanks!