Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yes, this is yesterday. But, Ann got to play in Cypress Creek too!

Thursday, 10-21-10, we have breakfast at The Wimberley Cafe and started climbing the Hill Country Trail on FR2325. We biked past some beautiful grassland fronted by wildflowers and dotted with large oak trees. After topping out on one of the hills, we saw a heard of brown-faced goats being chapperoned by a large Great Pyrennes. The big dog trotted toward us to check us out and the goats followed close behind. Wherever the dog went, the goats followed, no doubt aware that this giant dog is their protector. We connected to Rd 165 which took us the last 8 miles into Blanco. Just outside of town we crossed a section of the green Blanco River. This town is situated 45 miles south of San Antonio and 45 miles west of Austin. It was settled in 1853 and is the boyhood home of Lyndon Johnson. It was another beautiful day in Texas Hill Country.


Nick said...

I just caught up on your travels through Texas, you're entries are fun to read. Melissa and I are jealous of your adventure, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The one photo of the goats looks like you caught a glimpse of a push-me-pull-ya!! Ellen