Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Takin' Care of Business"

It's crunch time to get out letters & emails for the cause. We feel, at times, like we are drowning in paperwork but once we hit the long road, that will be behind us. Then it will just be trying to master the technology that will keep us connected to you, this site, and the great big wonderful world out there. Now our focus is on GEAR: bikes, bags, stuff, stuff & more stuff. The bags have been sprayed with waterproofing and piles to put in them are starting to build up. We have some pre Miracle Ride celebrating to do as we both will be turning another year older before we head out: but, NO decade changes this year. Thanks to all for your support!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miracle Ride

Six weeks to ride time. We have a" Ticket to Ride " beginning Monday Sept. 20th starting in St. Augustine, Florida. Our training and departure schedule were interrupted by a pesky pinched nerve in Norb's neck. [ the result of a bone spur ] Thanks to Doctors Hugh Harris and Charlie Mace for their consults and Dr. Rusty Bond for his outstanding care , the situation is improving. Kudos to the staff at the Martin Center who found the culprit with an MRI, and Cox Home Support for the rental of a home cervical traction unit.[although the stretching is not making Norb any taller--yet.] Thanks also to Josh at Sunshine Cycles who tweaked Norb's bike so he can ride in a more upright position [Peewee Herman style] to reduce neck/shoulder stress. Sometimes it does take a village to get you through some tough times. Heather Zoromski and staff at CMN have been working hard to help us get organized for what this ride is really all about. To raise money for CMN so kids can receive financial assistance for needed medical care. So --- strap on those pedometers you fantastic Cox walkers and join us for this 3100 mile adventure to SanDiego, California. For everyone else---- make a donation to CMN--- it will make you feel good about yourself. Norb & Ann