Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Takin' Care of Business"

It's crunch time to get out letters & emails for the cause. We feel, at times, like we are drowning in paperwork but once we hit the long road, that will be behind us. Then it will just be trying to master the technology that will keep us connected to you, this site, and the great big wonderful world out there. Now our focus is on GEAR: bikes, bags, stuff, stuff & more stuff. The bags have been sprayed with waterproofing and piles to put in them are starting to build up. We have some pre Miracle Ride celebrating to do as we both will be turning another year older before we head out: but, NO decade changes this year. Thanks to all for your support!


Dee Dee Jacobs said...

Great photos!

Jay said...

I am watching you my Auntie and Uncle as I am envious of the adventure. Then again, come stay with my 5 kiddos and you will have all the adventure you need. Keep a postin...Jay

Norb and Ann said...

I'm not sure your children would all fit on our bicycles. It would be an awfully big adventure to try though!