Tuesday, October 5, 2010


On Friday 10/1/10, we left our motel and met John Moffit who, with his wife Lorna are from England and vacationing in the southern U.S. During their vacation they will also drive to Springfield, Mo. to visit friends. Is it a small world or what? John wears a colorful crocheted hat and totes about a suitcase that harkens back to the 1930's. We met 2 riders in Ft. Morgan on a day trip who reported that the beach where they were staying was littered with tar balls. We took the ferry to Dauphin Island which appears rustic but has a laid back charm. After dropping our bags at the Dauphin Inn, we cycled to an Audubon bird sanctuary. During our hike, biting flies that some locals call dog flies, hastened our visit. We met 2 sisters ages 9 and 11 riding their bikes. They offered to go home, break open their piggy banks, and make a donation to CMN. We convinced them to save their money for college. We biked to a local Friday night seafood buffet for dinner. Pictures to follow as we are having trouble loading them. Bear with us.


Heather said...

Hope you are having a good ride!! I'm sending good thoughts and well wishes your way!!

Norb and Ann said...

Hi Heather, Thanks for the good thoughts. We hope you and the little one are doing great. Are you officially back at work ?