Monday, October 11, 2010


Monday, 10-11-10, we leave the Oberlin Inn on a hazy morning. The road is smooth with moderate traffic. The pine trees are mixed with oaks & maples that are starting to show fall colors. Clumps of yellow wildflowers bloom along the road. By 11 am, dark clouds begin banking up to the west and south, but don't concern us much as we are only 2 hours from our destination of DeRitter, Louisiana. Many of the signs now inform us we are in Creole country. Our research indicates Creoles are of Spanish/French ancestry, primarily from Louisiana. As this is a fairly short day, we have time to relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon. Despite slathering ourselves with great sunblock provided by daughter Sylena, we are browner and more freckled than either of us have ever been. No doubt, two examples that would be horror stories for the American College of Dermatology. If weather permits, tomorrow we will be "Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight".

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