Thursday, October 7, 2010


On Tuesday, 10-5-10 we rode from Franklinton LA to Hammond LA. It was another chilly morning. Once again we deviated from the planned route in order to find lodging for the night. Whenever we call a place that is listed and a recording says, "No longer a working number", it does not inspire confidence that the place will mysteriously reopen by the time we arrive. So, we head a bit south and then west on Hwy 190 toward Hammond. Along the way, we pass the Global Wildlife Center which looks more like the plains of Africa. Although it is a short 44 mile ride, we have to hold a straight line on the white line due to heavy traffic that includes logging trucks. The blast of air these trucks create while passing us does have a nice pine scent. We anticipated Hammond being a quiet little town, but found it to be a bustling berg as a result of folks moving inland post-Katrina.

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