Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wednesday, 10-13-10. When we left our motel in Kirbyville, a man drove up in a pickup truck, hopped out, and asked if he could approach us. Once permission was granted, he began ranting about all kinds of conspiratorial things including a horrible murder that had transpired in the very motel where we spent the night. Schizophrenia is, without doubt, a terrible illness that can trick ones mind to be fearful of almost everyone and everything. We said goodbye to our friend and headed west on US96 where ten miles outside the small town of Buna we cycled past a tiny section of Big Thicket National Preserve. The Thicket is so named because it is extremely thick and brushy with undergrowth that forms a nearly impenetrable jungle. It once covered more than 1 million acres. Big Thicket became a refuge for service-dodging Texans hunted by the Confederate Army, who became known as bushwhackers, a term which survives today. It was an enjoyable day of riding to Kountze TX beneath a blue sky with temperatures in the low 80's.


Kelly said...

You really have to watch out for those random men in pick-ups!Just wanted to let that we are over $8,500 total money raised! That is awesome. Also, in honor Roger and his ride, we put his last post before his passing on the map at the hospital that includes a link to his blog. Our hope is that someone will read and choose to give to his worthwhile cause as well. Stay safe!

Norb and Ann said...

That was nice to post Roger's site. We are still holding $100 in CMN on-the-road donations we will send soon. Thanks to everyone who has or is going to make a donation.