Monday, September 27, 2010

We Made It Through The Rain

We leave Chattahoochee on Highway 90 West and enjoy a long drop to the Apalachicola River. As we cross the bridge, a sign informs us that we are entering the central time zone. The skies to the north and south have banks of threatening clouds but we travel west beneath a sliver of blue sky. The forecast is rain so we anticipate getting wet at some point during the ride. The roadside vegetation is a mix of oaks, pines, cedars, and holly trees. The multiple shades of green are a pretty landscape for cycling. We encounter a very hilly 10 mile stretch on CR164 east of Marianna with no shoulders and drivers apparently training for the autobahn. Marianna (population 6,230) was the site of a bloody Civil War battle 146 years ago, almost to the day, we rode through this lovely town. On September 26, 1864, Union troops attacked this town. This was the deepest penetration south by Union troops during the War Between the States. Marianna was defended by volunteers and wounded Confederate soldiers who were greatly outnumbered. Although Union troops were victorious, the victory was not without heavy Union casualties. This battle is often called "Florida's Alamo". Ten miles from Chipley the rain catches us. Two big dogs also tried to catch us. A sheriff patrol car in the oncoming lane swerved over to position his car between Ann and the mutts. The dogs retreated. Talk about public service from law enforcement. What a deal! Although we arrived looking like drowned rats, the hotel had some nice rags with which to dry & polish our hot machines. Norb even scrubbed the less than pleasant looking scum from the insides of my sports drink bottle. What a guy!

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