Friday, September 24, 2010

My Tallahassee Lassie Down in F-L-A

Yes the Beach Boys sang about this Florida capital city. Time to hit the road from Grace Manor but not until Brenda has served us a killer quiche. (yes, Norb is a real man, just check out those biker legs) It is a nice break from our motel continentals. We decide to deviate from our circuitous backroads route and take Hwy 90 directly to Tallahassee. We know from past experience that going off- route from the recommendation of Adventure Cycling Assn. is always a gamble as the road may look reasonable on the map, but not good for cycling. Our alternate plan worked great for about 20 miles when we lost our narrow shoulder and encountered lots of road construction. Ten additional miles of Greyhound buses and tractor trailers inching past us provided motivation to pull over and check the map. We found a much quieter way through the suburbs with trees shading the pavement & arrived at our destination about 2pm. Several people had advised us that the terrain becomes hillier on this stretch and they obviously knew what they were talking about. This city is arranged like a wheel on a variety of steep hills. This is home to Florida State University and Florida A & M University . FAMU, established in 1887, is the oldest historically black public university in Florida. In October the annual migration of Monarch butterflies pass through the nearby St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, roosting by the thousands before their trip across the gulf to Mexico. Perhaps we can see a few scouts. Saturday is a rest day after 6 days of riding and 307 miles, (but who's counting) so we will visit the bike shop for a minor adjustment, relax, and consider some local sightseeing options. Our hotel is within walking distance of the Capital Building and several historic points of interest. Thanks to all for your interest & support of us and CMN!

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