Saturday, September 25, 2010

Downtown GET DOWN

It felt luxurious to spend the day off-bike and enjoying Tallahassee. We were pleasantly surprised by the cosmopolitan feel and the wonderful job they seem to be doing preserving and highlighting their history. Touring the historical state capital was informative and fascinating. We had lunch with a great crew at the Metro Deli. Since we had to keep our muscles loose, Ann took Norb in a few games of ping pong. The highlight of the day was having the opportunity to enjoy the event set up right outside our hotel, Downtown GET DOWN. The city puts on this happening the Friday night before every home football game at FSU. Food, music, and a variety of vendors line the blocked-off street. We had the extra treat of attending the event with our new friends Brenda & Karen. Oh, did I mention our glitter tattoos?


Dive57 said...

It was great meeting you guys in Tallahassee. Hope my directions got you out of town......Karen

Norb and Ann said...

Thanks Karen and back at you. No problems negotiating out of town & it was awesome going by the stadium while the band was practicing. We were tempted to stay for the game. We expect a visit if you make it back to Branson or our area.

Kelly said...

Been out of the office for a few days and haven't had a chance to check the site. Looks like you guys are off to a great start! Hope the cool front makes it to you and gives a little relief from the heat. I've posted a couple updates on the map at the hospital and as soon as I walk away people are reading them! Everyone is enjoying the updates.