Friday, September 17, 2010

Anchors (Bicycles) Away

The joys of technology. We wanted to post a blog today as tomorrow we start our ride and our energy level may be affected by a heavy load and an effort to get a routine of sorts established. Today we drove from daughter Sylena's home on St Simon Island GA. While in SSI, we took a trolley tour. The island is beautiful and rich with history, such as the story of a slave named Neptune Small. Neptune served as an orderly to Captain Page in the Confederate Army. Neptune and Page grew up together as children on the Page family plantation. Capt. Page was killed during a battle in Virginia. Neptune carried his body back to St Simons Island on a cart that he pushed and pulled for 1000 miles. The Page family gave Neptune his freedom and a huge parcel of oceanfront land that today serves as a community park. Above are scenes of St Simons


Joe and Georgia said...

Hi Ann & Norb,
We've enjoyed your pictures and history of St Augustine and St Simon's Island. What you said about getting in a routine on your adventure surprised me for a moment and then it began very clear. Be thinking of you tomorrow morning. Joe & Geor

Norb and Ann said...

Make sure all items are in plastic bags and packed in paniers. Fill water bottle and Camelback. Fill one bottle with sports drink. Pump up tires. Get correct map in case. Record mileage and clear odometer. Make sure nothing is left in the room. Load all the bags on the bikes. Apply sunscreen and bag balm (or other related favorite). Clean sunglasses. Adjust helmet and mirror. Gloves. A little insight into our routine!