Saturday, September 18, 2010

On The Road Again

A great send-off in St Augustine! Friday night my nephew's in-laws were nice enough to drive down from Jacksonville and take us to dinner at Saltwater Cowboy, a unique place in the marshes where we could watch the sun set while enjoying some good food and even better company. Thanks Andy & Joanne! We decided to get an early start for our first ride in order to avoid the hottest part of the day. This has been a hotter than usual season in Florida. We had a great group of employees at our hotel in St Augustine: friendly, informative, encouraging, and they helped us get a great start. Thanks Sheri & Lydia! We biked through the historic district at daybreak. The usually bustling streets were quiet as we slipped past beautiful old buildings with so much history that it was easy to imagine seeing the ghosts of Spanish Conquistidors on horses pouring out of the narrow streets. As King Avenue became CR214, the sense of transitioning to a more rural enviornment was striking. It is a testament to the reality that Lyndon Johnson's dream of a greater society has yet to materialize. The air was calm, the roads flat and smooth with virtually no traffic. We saw flocks of white egrets feeding in fields, and swooping like white clouds to touch down on the ground. We pedaled along the St. John's River with water views and beneath old live oaks draped with Spanish moss. We rode through Hastings, the potato capital of Florida and on to Palatka for an overnight. We walked over the mile long bridge to stretch our legs and had a great early seafood dinner.


Kelly said...

Good luck Norb and Ann. Excited to keep up with your journey again! Let us know if there is anything we can help with along the way.

Norb and Ann said...

Thanks Kelly. We are wishing we had gotten some cards printed with the blog site. We have had several donations along the way & it would be good to hand them out. Maybe we can put something together down the road a bit.