Thursday, September 30, 2010

Albeit Temporary: Sweet Home ALABAMA

On Wednesday 9/29, we elected to ignore the advise given by Adventure Cycling to not ride Hwy 90 from Milton to Pensacola during rush hour. But, we were excited about seeing the ocean again. The traffic, as forewarned, was constant, fast, & furious. The 3 foot shoulder at least provided an illusion of security as we pedaled hard to reach quieter streets in Pensacola. Wow, it was a very stressful couple of hours. Lots of great scenery but it was tough to look around because we had to concentrate on holding our line and not wavering. As you climb up over those causeways with a load, that can be a challenge. Once we survived the experience, we were ready for coffee & a treat. We wandered around a much quieter downtown and happened upon Seville Square: a former group of tobacco warehouses now lovingly transformed into bars and restaurants reminiscent of New Orleans. We have a strong cup of coffee and beignets. Scenic Hwy 90 took us to 292 which became 182 as we entered Alabama. White powdered sand dunes became our roadside scenery with the blue waters of the gulf as a backdrop. Squadrons of huge dragonflies hovered above us. Ann had a surreal visit from a doppleganger who escorted us to our motel where the ride ended for the day. We hit the warm gulf water immediately with brown pelicans, gulls, and flying fish all around us. Tomorrow we rest.


Rhiannon said...

I would love to see Ann's doppelgänger! Heather and I have always had a joke about that. I'm glad you made it through the traffic without incident! I look forward to your next post!


Kyle said...

Hey! It's me the doppleganger! haha. I hope your trip has been going well since you left FL/AL. Looks like you guys have been having a great time so far. I love all the pictures! There seems to be a lot more out there in the country to see when you aren't bypassing it all at 80mph on the highways. Safe travels!