Sunday, September 26, 2010


During breakfast at Jacob's Cafe in Tallahassee, the wait staff pooled some money together and made a donation to CMN. When people dip into their tip money, you know they have big hearts. It was an emotional moment for us. We cycled the quiet morning streets through the FSU campus where police were already stationed at barricades to control the inevitable traffic that today's football game against Wake Forest will bring. The stadium was very impressive and hearing the marching band practicing made us think twice about sticking around another day. After forging on, we biked mainly rolling hills on an overcast and muggy day. We stopped at Quincy Golf Club to mooch water and met Jim Folds who made a donation to CMN. On the outskirts of Chattahooche the hills got serious as we passed through an area called "Happy Town". This was and, seemingly still is, an African/American community. As we biked past the Happy Town store, a group of happy locals whooped, hollered, and waved. We checked into the Relax Inn, our sole choice in this small town positioned high above the Apalachicola River. A light rain became a downpour and the entire town was without electricity for about 2 hours. The community has a large state mental health hospital which, no doubt, is an anchor for the local economy. We discovered a song by .38 Special that seemed appropriate . Can't say this song was previously in our repertoire.

In Chattahoochee I'm not crazy. Chattachoocee I'm just lazy.
Chattahoochee found my home, Chattachoocee.
Who's to say who's crazy. It's easy to see.
All you gotta do is turn on your T.V.
All the people on the outside trying to be someone else.
I'm having fun here just being myself.

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