Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sunday 11/21/10 Hey Sports Fans, for those of you who have read our blog, you may or may not have noticed that we attempt to recount what has transpired rather than what is anticipated. Ann suggested this early on. Although we usually have somewhat of a plan, it is never set in stone and we try to stay flexible. (literally & figuratively) However, we are declaring for a San Diego arrival on Saturday 11/27/10. We are excited that CMN has thrown down the gauntlet for a 100 mile challenge that coincides with our last 100 miles. We want to take a short commercial break to say: If you haven't made a donation to CMN but have been meaning to do so, there is no time like the present! Back to todays ride.....An Ozarkian poet might describe this morning as "A stiff wind be blowin' from the direction we be goin'." So, we put a tiger in our tank with a plastic bowl of Frosted Flakes at the Super 8 continental breakfast. While we were loading our bikes and pumping tires, we met David Bean who is an over-the-road trucker from North Carolina. He had a lot of curiosity about our bikes and our trip. During our conversation, we were impressed with all the places his work took him including Vancouver and Springfield, Mo. He wished us safe travels as we headed west on Dome Rock Road , a frontage road of I-10. At times the interstate seemed to be a figment of our imagination as we rode past RV's randomly scattered about the desert. Signs instructed a maximum stay of 14 days. No hook-ups or bath houses here. As we popped over a hill, I-10 again became a reality. Have we mentioned the wind? We wanted to get an early start as winds were predicted to gust to 40mph in the afternoon, making this another short day. That short day involved arriving in our 8th and final state. Ann felt reasonably relaxed on the wide smooth shoulder of I-10 and found herself glancing along the roadside hoping to spy a nice piece of azurite or other colored gemstone. Norb, meanwhile, was contemplating names other than Mariah for the wind. Once we arrived in Ehrenburg, we exited the interstate. A short jaunt led us to a pedestrian walkway over the north side of the Colorado River Bridge--the state line. The river is lovely variations of teal and dark aquamarine. (Ann loves trying to come up with appropriate color labels, it is an Oliver thing) Holding the camera steady was a difficult task as the wind buffeted us about on the bridge. We exited the bridge onto the next in our series of frontage roads. It took us past several vintage motels. Blythe was our stopping point for this windy day.


Joe and Georgia said...

Hi Ann & Norb,
While making dinner tonight, having a scientific nature, I was thinking about how much oxygen you have both treated your cells to these past few months. I'm sure they are very happy. Hope you have a great home stretch. Joe & Geor

kidzwriter said...

I'll be at Borders this evening with the gang to play Bananagrams and wanted to be sure I was caught up on your blog. That tunnel ride made me shiver. I have so enjoyed your comments and pictures of your ride. It's the sort of thing Don and I dreamed of doing but never did. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Congratulations on your accomplishment!
Louise J.

Kelly said...

Those top 2 pictures are absolutely awesome. As I read that you were in your final state, I started thinking back on all the pictures that you have posted and it is almost overwhelming. I can't even imagine being there in person. Stay safe and enjoy the finish. You've earned it.

Anonymous said...

Hey you two - You talk about the wind. Wait until you get outside Palm Springs and see ALL the windmills....there is a reason they put them THERE!!!!!

WOW, the light at the end of a long tunnel!!! Wishing you continued safe travels.


Tim said...

Told Amy of your planned arrival, and she said, "Oh my. How WONDERFUL!"

You guys are awesome!


Vicki H said...

Woo Hoo! You're almost there. I'll miss your blog and pictures. You need to put them together in a book! Have a great Thanksgiving and a safe trip Friday and Saturday.